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Anod Tech Industry (M) Sdn Bhd’s test development capabilities range from the norm-referenced test criteria to specific and advanced customer-set testing procedures and methodologies. From this process of technical investigation, customers are able to leverage on the quality-related information about the product in the context of which it is intended to operate.

No. Description

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

2 Nikon X/Y/Z - iNEX IV
3 Nikon VMR - 3020
4 Electronic Counting Scale (UCA 003)
5 Profile Projector (Baty-R400) - SM 350
6 Digimatic Indicator (ID-F150E)
7 Konica Spectrophotometer (CM-3600D)
8 White Calibration Cap (CM-A103)
9 Non-contact Video Measuing System
10 Ohm Meter
11 Mechanical Spring Scale
12 Analytical Balance AY220
13 Digital Milimeter
14 Digimatic Caliper (Mitutoyo)

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