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ProductAnod Tech provide cosmetic solution for digital product such as casing, speaker net, press button, audio knob and so on.

One Stop Manufacturing

Check out our independent brand @ <a href='' target='blank'> <span style="font-family: Garamond; font-weight: bold;">D O R I &nbsp; D E C O</span>, <span style="font-family: Brush Script MT; font-style: italic;">Think different. Be different.</span> </a><br/>We provide One Stop Manufacturing for cosmetic solution. We have complete facilities such as stamping machine, cnc machine, coating machine, printing machine, marking machine, assembly department and etc.

About Anod Tech

Anod Tech Industry was founded in 2003, and its all started from a simple paper writer objective, whereby to provide the professional and comprehensive metal surface treatment services to the customers.

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